veryholly will discuss the scope of works you are considering and decide with you the best course of action depending on your needs.   While we offer a no-obligation first meeting with you on site for schemes of subtstantial size, we are pleased to offer alternative support for more modest requests. 

interior design

veryholly offers a comprehensive range of interior design services which can include one or all of the following phases: initial briefing, conceptual design, detailed design, furniture design, construction, fit-out, procurement and final dressing.  We individually tailor furniture and furnishings, liaise with craftsmen, negotiate with suppliers and tradesmen, supervise items in production and ensure original possessions are mindfully incorporated.

interior styling

veryholly can consult on all aspects of the interior, starting from selecting the right floor coverings, wall coverings (e.g. colours, special effects, wallpaper), window treatments (e.g. curtains, blinds, shutters), furniture and furniture placement (including bespoke upholstery), fabrics, ironmongery, lighting, and artworks.

personal shopping

veryholly offers a personal shopping service for clientele looking for focused and individual purchasing advice.